This is my work out journey. I've always been a pretty big guy and now that it's summer I really want to cut back. Embark on this journey of weight loss with me. Current weight: 196, Week 4: CW: 190 Optimal Weight: 180


Day 3

So I woke up this morning and I really did not want to wake up. After an exhausting day of work all I wanted to do was sleep last night. So I did. I was suppose to start working out today with a friend too, but she bailed, which was fine b/c I feel so embarrass when I work out cause doing insanity is no joke. Like by the end of it I’m on the ground, half naked, sweating bullets, and struggling not to puke. Anyways today was just me again and I really didnt think I was gonna be able to do it. I mean my body was so sore when I woke up and I thought maybe rest would be good for the body. But I did some research online and they said work through it b/c you usually get sore when you start a work out program and if you rest you’ll just continually go through that sore feeling. So day 3 insanity wasn’t as bad, but I guess I didn’t push myself as hard as the instructor wanted me too b/c I was still sore. I still did everything, still almost died, and still sweated up a storm. Overall it was a good work out and I’m happy I kept with it. Also today I felt a little less nervous and a little better. I mean when I was working out I didn’t feel like puking, the whole time at least, lol. Maybe because I had a bigger breakfast than 2 pieces of toast which what I was having for the past 2 days.

So this is for everyone who has struggled and doesn’t think they can do it anymore. Don’t quit, Keep at it, work through it, and keep digging.

We can all do this….. together. =)